The famous Saint Barth Bucket regatta unites Perini Navi and Sibarth Real Estate


On the occasion of the 2013 Saint Barth Bucket Regatta, Sibarth Real Estate and Perini Navi unite, allowing you to discover their passion for St. Barth. The jewel that every year welcomes their remarkable sailing yachts, the reference in naval architecture, for one of the world’s most unique regattas!

Since its establishment in the early Eighties, Perini Navi has always built sailing yachts in a class of their own. Italian entrepreneur Fabio Perini, unable to find the boat that he wanted for himself – a large sailing yachts which could be handled by one person - decided to create one from scratch. To date, the company has built 52 yachts. - up to 88m in length. Flagship of the fleet is the iconic The Maltese Falcon, the revolutionary clipper created for Thomas J. Perkins. With over 50 percent of the world market for sailing yachts over 45m, Perini Navi’s track record is impressive. Never before has a yacht builder come so far in such a short amount of time. In-house design has allowed Perini Navi to implement its own systems and innovations. All sail controls, as well as masts and rigging, are developed and manufactured internally. Exclusive Perini Navi software monitors the performance of the yacht under sail, and relays information via satellite connections back to the builder. 

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Lifestyle article Perini Navi St Barts yachts
Lifestyle article Perini Navi St Barts regatta

Yet the style and flavour of the yachts are truly classic - and have become a reference for all those who dream of luxury yacht ownership. Perini Navi is recognized around the world as the only true brand in the world of large sailing yachts, and has so far distinguished itself from its peers. This brand awareness is truly unique, and has led the way for other yacht builders to follow suit. None, however, have established their own product line, their own style, and their own mark on yachts of this size. This is why Perini Navi alone can host events of up to 20 megayachts. Over the years, Perini Navi has worked together with prominent architects and designers; Norman Foster, Christian Liaigre, John Pawson, Remi Tessier.
The collaboration of Perini Navi with the Bucket roots back in 1996 thanks to the participation of the 48m ketch Legacy, followed by the St. Barth’s Bucket edition 1998 with the 52 meter Liberty. Since then the participation of Perini’s at the Buckets includes: Andromeda la Dea, Antara, Baracuda,, Clan VIII, Felicita’ west, Gitana, Helios, Klosters, La Numero 1Uno, Lady Lauren, Liberty, Ohana, P2, Panthalassa, Parsifall III, Perseus, Riela, Salute, Squall, The Maltese Falcon, Thetis, and Zenji. Many of these yachts have sailed in more than 5 Buckets!


Lifestyle article Perini Navi St Barts

The Perini Family gathers each year at the St. Barth’s Bucket where the Perini Navi Team provides the most coveted hospitality. Casa Perini, the villa up on the hill overlooking the harbour, slowly has become the place to be after the sunset, thanks to the warm welcome of Ms. Perini and fresh Pasta prepared by the Italian Chef.

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With a fleet of 54 yachts on the water- 52 sailing yachts and two motor yachts- the Perini Navi Group is the world leader in the design and construction of large sailing yachts. In 2007 the Group also began to build motor yachts with the brand name Picchiotti and the series name Vitruvius, thus re-launching the historic Picchiotti shipyard acquired in the early 1990’s. The Group is made up of the Perini Navi shipyard in Viareggio, founded in the 1980’s by Fabio Perini who invented and developed a revolutionary automatic sail control system. Another division is the Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia where the Group constructs its motor yachts and concentrates most of its refitting and repairing work, and the Perini Istanbul shipyard in Yildiz, Turkey where its hulls and deck structures are produced. Perini Navi USA is a commercial division of the Group through which owners of Perini Navi Group yachts can arrange charters and find brokerage services for both new and previously owned Perini Navi Group yachts.

Article Lifestyle 2 Perini Navi St Barts
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