Villa SIX: A precious and seductive raw beauty

Dreamt up by the group Olivier Dain Perspectives (ODP), this elegant villa, is hidden away from prying eyes and is considered one of the finest jewels of Pointe Milou. Its contemporary lines, complete comfort and its dominant position make it a true winner!
Since 1999, ODP consultancy has developed real estate projects of character in St Barts. With a team of a dozen people, the company offers its customers all the services necessary for the realization of an original villa, adapted to the needs of its occupants.
From the initial conception through to the delivery of your keys in your hand, encompassing all the elements of construction, site supervision and decoration, the architects, designers and decorators push the boundaries to bring unique homes to life, where beauty is combined with comfort and style. Interview with Olivier Dain, Director of ODP.

Olivier DAIN Portrait
Sibarth Real Estate: What were your sources of inspiration for the construction of villa SIX?
Olivier Dain: In 2002, the year of the construction of the villa, the planning regulations imposed in Pointe Milou meant that on the plot, the area of constructability had to be almost a square format. Our first challenge was to find a solution to avoid the “block effect” that would be created by one big roof or the accumulation of several smaller, interconnected roofs. The idea was obviously to integrate the house into the site, so that it is set into the hill and is as discreet as possible. The result has been successful because from a distance or from an aircraft, it is virtually invisible, thanks to its composition of a green traditional hipped roof as well as it’s embedding into the rocky terrain. The architectural challenge also paid off, thanks to a technical feat achieved by our structural engineer who has managed design a flat concrete roof made up of a system of anti-seismic beams and a cantilevered overhang, over 5m in depth, that protects a terrace and yet is devoid of supporting posts.
Villa SIX - Drawing 1 - Lifestyle - Architect - ODP
Villa SIX - Plan 2 - Lifestyle - Architect - ODP
Sibarth Real Estate: What are the strengths of this house?
Olivier Dain: We imagined a house that was refined and open to the west, with a large terrace without posts, so as not to obstruct the stunning views that open out from the property. From the outside, it seems a modest size however its impressive mahogany double door entrance opens onto a good size living area. The play of light and shade, provided by the trellis system installed at the entrance, provides a more or less shaded ambiance that follows the path of the sun. The mineral theme is reflected in the double basin cascade effect pool that is  set into the rock. The colors of the mosaic pool were worked to blend with those of Lorient Bay below and to give the effect of merging with the sea.  The grey raw concrete walls blend with the environment, balancing sleek lines and modern furniture. Two of the three bedrooms are equipped with an integrated Jacuzzi in their bathroom. The blue agaves in the garden embrace an open terrace, which is as private as the rest of the house and perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. This contemporary style villa is definitely innovative and original, as are all the villas that we design.


Villa SIX - St Barts - Lifestyle - Architecture

Sibarth Real Estate: Three adjectives to describe this beauty?
Olivier Dain: Innovative, integrated and unique for its architectural value and commercial importance. Because of the new planning regulations adopted in St Barts, it is now impossible to reproduce today and it will therefore retain its unique character.

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Interview by Cécile Lucot.

Pictures of Villa SIX by Pierre Carreau, except specific mention.

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