Villa TEMAN: Unpretentious chic in St Barts


Nestled in lush greenery on the hills of St. Jean, this unique villa is a sublime combination of clean lines and aesthetic sophistication of contemporary design.

Envisioned by fashion photographer Wolfgang Ludes, who has worked for a long time with the House of Chanel and its artistic director Jacques Helleu, the villa reflects the exquisite taste of its mentor. Spacious volumes harmonise with the clean tones of the construction materials, which blend perfectly into the lush garden, planted with numerous royal palm trees. The Photographer, who has become an architectural designer, chose to cover the walls in Bali stone, which perfectly matches the color of sand decks and door frames. The interior floors are covered with the same light Italian travertine used by Richard Meier at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Like the natural beauty of women enhanced by the photographer, Wolfgang was inspired by the charms of the Orient to dream up an irresistible villa with perfect aesthetics.

Wolfgang LUDES Portrait
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“Zen” attitude in the living areas.

The property is one of two houses in St. Barts designed by Wolfgang Ludes. For this house, he was inspired by the luxury modern resort of Amanjiwo  in Java, of which he is a great admirer. Moreover, Teman is a Balinese word for "friendship" and so symbolizes the quest for harmony between beauty, character and integration. A successful gamble, thanks to the partnership with the architect Johannes Zingerle, who worked on the technical aspect of construction. The villa overlooks the bay of St-Jean and offers an amazing view over the leeward side of the island and its magnificent sunsets. Paths paved with lava stone lead to the different levels of living space. Perched above, the master bedroom overlooks the property and  on the lower level the main house and sheltered terraces open onto a long pool, framed with sunbathing space and completed by two guest suites on the left. Wolfgang and Johannes used the sloping land to create levels of living space, each with their own different ambiance, yet at the same time, complementary. In the bedrooms, pure lines match the light filtered through the immense blinds which let in the breeze, creating an atmosphere of reassuring intimacy. The kitchen space / living room was designed like a loft that opens out onto the pool and the view - welcoming and ideal for entertaining and for evenings with friends.

An architect with a pure and natural elegance.

If Johannes Zingerle recognizes that the property has a certain chic, he also adds that on this project, he has done nothing but bring the ideas of Wolfgang Ludes to fruition. A graduate of the School of Architecture of Vienna and registered with the Order of Architects of France, this architect, with Italian-Austrian origins has been living in St Barts since 2002. His work goes far beyond the borders of the island.  Loyal customers entrust him with decade’s worth of projects around the world. South America, Europe, the Caribbean Islands, the United States, this character, whilst discrete and humble, has left his signature all over the world. His true imprint is found throughout the resolutely modern and human functionality reached in his achievements. Surfaces treated as live textures, soberly styled walls, proportionate volumes, soft and clean lines, spaces always perfectly integrated into the environment, this architect has true talent, elegant taste, unique style.

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Villa TMN - St Barts - Lifestyle - Architecture - 3D

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Interview by Cécile Lucot.

Pictures of Villa Teman by Jean-Philippe Peter except specific mention.