Post-hurricane news

Dear Friends,

On the night of September 5-6, St. Barthélemy suffered the staggering forces of Hurricane IRMA,  marking a place in the history of our island. The shock was quickly followed by a spectacular gathering of all, working together to rehabilitate the island. What a magnificent and unique energy that this small island of St Barth has triggered in our hearts!  It is true that full recovery will take some time, however, we want to tell you that we are well, that St. Barth is still standing and that we will be proud to welcome you again, with all we have to offer.

Every single one of your messages of encouragement has helped us to raise our heads and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The office has reopened on September 21 and life is gradually resuming, thanks to the dedication of our team. We will bring you news of St. Barth soon.