Sibarth Real Estate Update

As you know, in recent weeks our island has had to face the consequences of Hurricane IRMA passing over St Barthélemy. Although this has been a devastating event, it has also given rise to an exceptional sense of solidarity amongst us and your many messages of support have been a great comfort to us.

This is why the entire Sibarth Real Estate team would like to thank you sincerely and assure you that we are fully operational and ready to assist you with all your requests.

The employees of Sibarth Real Estate are doing well, despite some suffering significant damage to homes. The state of emergency post IRMA is now in the past and the cleaning stage has helped to strengthen bonds within the team. Today, the office is fully operational and all the members of Sibarth Real Estate are at your disposal to give their assistance, to listen and to guide you in your real estate projects. We ask that you contact us for up-to-date information on the condition of the properties for sale. The road is long, but the motivation of the residents encouraged by the owners on the island leaves no room for doubt for the future of St Barthélemy. We will be proud to welcome you again, with all that we have to offer.