Villa OSE

Property Features: 
Hillside, Privacy, Sea view
Sibarth Real Estate Area [+]: 
Land Surface: 
2.423 acres
Listed Price: 
€ 16,000,000

Villa Rose is an oasis. Built in the heart of the island, it is the work of François Pécard, a pioneering architect who came to build a small hotel in 1977 before settling on the island for good the year after. Forty years later he has completed over two hundred projects, one of which is this incredible villa.

With an exceptional panorama over the ocean and the hills, the villa is wonderfully integrated into the surroundings, with a 360° view but well protected by the surrounding vegetation and rocks. Located in the hillside of Lurin, in a tropical garden, the house is only a few minutes from the sandy beach of Gouverneur.

Villa Rose stands out by its layout of the different spaces which create mini paradises that are skillfully nestles next to each other. The main building has a superb Italian kitchen, a dining room and a large living room, perfect for relaxing in. Here, one can live with the large glass doors wide open, with the plants as natural furniture and the incredible feeling of living isolated from the rest of the world. This building is separated from the rest of the property by a terrace bordered with a Japanese pond, a mirrored swimming pool and large decks and the layout enhances this place into an exceptional location.

The bedrooms are accessed via a path that winds through the garden, with its various shrubs, cacti and limestone rocks. Each time you walk the path, you have the wonderful sensation of walking through a paradise that leads to the different bedrooms. There are four bedrooms, two having their own independent bungalows and their own individual terrace with a scenic décor, private pool and a seating area, ideal for relaxing in the cushions for an afternoon read and an open, bright bathroom with a huge shower. At the end of the path, the last building has two bedrooms, perfectly suited for a family, and with the same features as the other two bedrooms.

The furnishings have been designed by Catherine Pawson, a renown interior designer, who loves wood and white tones for her materials and colors and simplicity and minimalism with maximum comfort in the layout. Even if the bedrooms have the more or less the same design, one can appreciate the different play with the curtains, that gives each room its own elegant identity.

Completely open, Villa Rose nevertheless remains totally private. It is a small space of absolute purity, an architectural chiasmus, symbolizing absolute perfection and simplicity.

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Villa OSE Plan

Slideshow pictures by Laurent Benoît and plan by St Barth Virtual Villa

The listed price is inclusive of agency fees, at the seller’s cost.