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A selection of properties offered for sale in St Barts with an attractive price

The list of properties posted to our website is not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us for a complete listing, as we may have other properties available that suit your needs.

Over the past 40 years, Sibarth Real Estate has developed the most trustworthy reputation in real estate services and advice in Saint Barth. Allow our team of respected professionals to guide you through your real estate transactions with discretion, equity and honesty.

5 listings
Bedrooms: 3 Area [+]: 4 Listed Price: € 1,490,000
Bedrooms: 2 Area [+]: 4 Listed Price: € 1,790,000
Bedrooms: 1 Area [+]: 4 Listed Price: € 2,200,000
Bedrooms: 3 Area [+]: 5 Listed Price: € 2,800,000
Bedrooms: 6 Area [+]: 4 Listed Price: € 3,400,000