Vacation rentals

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Rent an exceptional villa, a villa that reflects who you are, a villa in which to experience your vacation as you wish.

You will feel at home in one of the 200 luxury homes offered by our exclusive partner, Eden Rock Villa Rental. You will enjoy breathtaking views, unparalleled comfort, and exactly the comfort and well-being you dreamt of. To spend a vacation with your partner, your friends or your family…
You will be pampered as if you were in the hotel: breakfast is served every morning, concierge service is available 24 hours a day, butler services are available on request, a private chef or a caterer is available on site for an event, spa treatments can be ordered... And less than 15 minutes away from your villa, you will enjoy the warm welcome and dedicated services of the Eden Rock St Barth.

Customized Services

Private chef

Treat yourself to the services of an in-home chef. Discover tailor-made recipes, unique flavors and the delight of locally sourced ingredients. Share the experience, taste the rarity.


Enjoy our Spa treatments, in your villa or on the beach. In the quiet and in restfulness, experience the relaxing treatments, perfumes and ointments, exclusively and naturally derived from the island’s products.


Available at any time, to assist you in planning exciting escapes to the island’s more remote beaches, indulgent spa days in your villa or elsewhere, or romantic evenings on the water. Give yourself the freedom to live all your dreams, and even to discover some new ones.

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