Why sell your property with Sibarth Real Estate?

Selling with confidence

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To sell your real estate with confidence,
you must carefully choose your real estate agent.

Our 4 assets



As the largest agency devoted solely to real estate transactions, built on a business established nearly 50 years ago, the team of Sibarth Real Estate has developed a unique familiarity with the island and its real estate market, its trends, its international influence, its players, their state of mind, and their anticipations. Choosing Sibarth Real Estate to sell your property is choosing to put this experience on your side.



The entire Sibarth Real Estate team shares an in-depth knowledge of St Barth, expertise, and professional involvement, as well as a common passion for the island, its nature, diversity, beauty and the shared desire to preserve its uniqueness forever.



Choosing to entrust Sibarth Real Estate with exclusivity means choosing a single contact who will act as your intermediary with all the players in the purchasing process, including other colleagues on the island, to give your property the greatest visibility among the largest number of qualified clients.



Sibarth Real Estate's commitment is based on its professionalism and a strong ethical sense: the entire sales process must be conducted with the utmost transparency. The estimation of the property is the first key to sell the property at its best price in the shortest possible time: it should not be underestimated or overestimated, but as close as possible to the market price.

At Sibarth Real Estate, we are committed to providing you with an opinion of the value of your property in line with the market and the time required for its sale. This is why Sibarth Real Estate is the undisputed leader in the St Barth real estate market and intends to remain so!

Christian Wattiau, President of Sibarth Real Estate, addresses 4 key questions regarding real estate agent representation.

4 key questions

Does the agent have a real estate license?

Our real estate license is a guarantee of reliability, it offers our clients the legal guarantees and associated insurance.

Does the agent have an office in St BarthS?

Our Gustavia office is open to the public and represents a serious investment in the longevity of our client relationships and the continuity of our services.

How many transactions do they have in this price range last year or over the course of the last 3 years?

Our agency has the most extensive and complete record of major sales on the island year after year.

Does the agent have an international network?

We have exclusive international real estate partnerships for St Barth and a network to assure the presentation of your property to qualified buyers.

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