The FNAIM is the premier professional organization for real estate in France and it is their mission to defend and protect the interests of real estate professionals and consumers alike. Since its inception in 1946, the FNAIM, or National Real Estate Federation, has maximized the availability of its services, products and formations in order to best meet the individual needs and desires of its members.

The key values of the FNAIM, to which Sibarth Real Estate also devotedly adheres, are ethics, competence, professionalism, quality service and full, honest disclosure.

Throughout the 12,000 agencies represented, the FNAIM participates in over 13 different career bases in transaction, management, expertise and consulting circles. Each member automatically detains a Professional Identification Card, delivered from the Préfecture, which attests to the member’s adherence to all necessary rules and regulations.

As such, Sibarth Real Estate benefits from a financial guarantee in exchange for annual fees paid to the FNAIM.

FNAIM members benefit from continuing education formations in legal, technical and fiscal matters for the duration of their professional careers. Because a competent professional is a professional who is well informed, the FNAIM is diligent in spreading news about what’s new and up and coming in real estate today.