35 years of experience in real estate in St Barts, coupled with extensive knowledge of and access to the vast majority of the island’s properties, allows Sibarth to appraise the value of any given property with confidence and precision.

Sibarth Real Estate offers appraisal services uniquely to clients of the agency. Our objective is not to attract listing agreements with overvalued appraisals.

We offer honest appraisals that represent the realistic value of the property. All appraisals are based on similar transactions effectuated by Sibarth as well as on current price trends in the market.

Occasionally, clients inquire about the disparity that exists in appraisals provided on the island. If you should encounter this, we advise that you ask about the number of transactions completed at that price by the representative during the past three years. There is a connection: the fewer the transactions, the larger the disparity.

Although we do not encourage our clients to purchase property solely based on its potential to generate rental income, this is often an important element in the decision-making process and should thus be carefully estimated.

Thanks to our expansive rental program, Sibarth Real Estate is fortunate to have access to the accounting records of hundreds of villas on the island. This allows us to make realistic estimations of rental income for any given property, in addition to the annual expenses for its upkeep.

With the owner’s consent, we can even provide the current income and expenses for villas listed for sale that are currently in our rental program.

This can be an added bonus with regard to real estate loan applications, as local banks are more likely to accept an existing estimation from Sibarth rather than a general approximation.