Development Rights

Construction in St Barts today is of exceptionally high quality for the Caribbean. The finest materials and equipment are imported to insure structural excellence, right down to the finishing touches.

Naturally, our activity in real estate has led us, over the years, to assist our clients in their construction or improvement projects. We are always pleased to share our experience and offer advice. There are various factors to consider based on whether you wish to make personal use of your villa or whether you intend to rent it seasonally.  

Clients often inquire about construction costs and the added value to their property. Construction on the island has evolved considerably in recent years and in view of the difficulty in estimating the potential costs, we prefer to leave this to qualified building professionals. The myriad of project possibilities and the diverse topography of certain parcels are just a few of the variables that can cause estimates to fluctuate considerably.
Sibarth Real Estate is pleased to make referrals upon request. We can facilitate appointments with the island’s various professionals, including architects, contractors, builders and subcontracts, all of whom will be delighted to discuss and develop your projects.

With regard to construction permits, the local administration has clearly announced its desire to limit construction on the island and that, over time, it will become more and more difficult to obtain a permit. Today, it is essential that construction density in Saint Barth remain reasonable. The percentage of constructible surface on a given parcel is determined with respect to the total surface area of the lot, but also with respect to harmonious integration into the natural landscape. Such are the various considerations, in anticipation of future construction projects in St Barts.