Legal Support

As St Barts’ leading broker for property transactions, Sibarth Real Estate has acquired extensive experience, an essential element in the success of real estate counsel. Our team of knowledgeable professionals offer guidance in the selection of a property, as well as on tax issues, corporate structures, insurance and much more.

In order to accommodate our international clients, we offer advanced services, unique on the island, including in-house translation and comprehensive legal and administrative assistance for closings held in the absence of a client.    

When investing in real estate in St Barts, it is important to determine the most advantageous manner by which to purchase the property, as well as how to insure and maintain ownership for years to come. Important questions to be defined at an early stage include, but are not limited to:
Will the property be purchased in the buyer's legal name? Jointly, with a wife or husband? Through a corporate structure? The answers to these questions will depend on a combination of buyer's personal circumstances, inheritance tax projections, general tax considerations, the source of the funds and French inheritance laws.   
In France, all choices relative to a purchase must be made before the closing, as any modifications made after the fact could be very costly. This means carefully weighing the aforementioned legal, fiscal and patrimonial factors applicable under French law. These factors are variable for each individual. There is no one solution, but rather several different choices available to meet each individual client’s needs.

In this regard, Sibarth Real Estate offers full assistance, unparalleled in St Barts. With the help of our dedicated staff, we help our clients to define the right choice for them very early on. For our international clients, the agency can coordinate communication between a client’s advisers abroad and local professionals here in St Barts.