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In a spirit of consistency with our Agency communication, we have revamped Sibarth Real Estate's magazine. What an evolution since the first publications of what was called "the brochure!” The new, elegant format with a better grip enhances the content, starting with the superb black and white cover image by a local photographer, Chrystèle Escure. Through the foliage, we discern Thayna Soares Sineiro who represents the emotion of living with Nature.

On p.4, discover Nature Future, our Manifesto for Nature, followed by the editorial of Zarek Honneysett, CEO.

P.20 The Domaine Félicité will take you on a journey through the past and the heritage of the island of St Barth. A place housing several collections enhanced by archives and anecdotes that the owners will share with you.

"Green Properties" then reflects the trends of luxury buyers and their expectations in terms of sustainability. On a dry island, preserving resources has always been a vital concern. Now, learn how a more energy-efficient home can preserve limited resources.

O'Calm, Claridge, Amancaya the star villas of this edition display their assets to make you dream. If you have not been able to make a choice, the NEY construction project may make you decide to invest in real estate?

In the same line as our new website, the villas recently sold by our agency are black and white from p.62.

Thank you to our partner agencies and to our advertisers in this issue for their renewed confidence.

We wish you a pleasant reading.

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