Retreat 2024: Team Dynamics & Technical Innovations


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Last week, the team of Sibarth Real Estate embarked on a luxurious getaway to the renowned Hotel Aurora in Anguilla for the annual retreat, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary to have our President Christian Wattiau, CEO Zarek Honneysett, distinguished agents, and marketing staff, all coming together for four unforgettable days.

Our journey began with a seamless flight via our St Barth’s local airline, whisking us away to the captivating beauty of Anguilla. As we touched down, the opulence of Hotel Aurora greeted us with open arms. With its unrivaled elegance and impeccable service, every moment spent there felt like a privilege.

But this retreat wasn't just about indulgence; it was about real estate services and innovation. Amidst the breathtaking vistas, we dedicated ourselves into innovative solutions to enhance our operational efficiency adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Of course, no retreat would be complete without a touch of celebration. We took the opportunity to toast to Alexane and Stéphanie's birthday in style, treating ourselves to a buffet and nice champagne.

Christian Wattiau, our  President eloquently summed up the significance of our retreat: "As we return to our respective domains, we carry with us the memories of an experience that transcended the ordinary. It's where ideas flourish, decisions crystallize, and bonds strengthen. Our team retreat wasn't just a getaway; it was a testament to our long-lasting commitment to excellence”.

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